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Street Paintball


> reaction game for 3 - 6 players (10+)

> throw balls (at the right time)

> absolutely fun!

> playing time 20 minutes


Playing paintball in a forest is for wimps. Playing paintball in the middle
of a city is a challenge! But watch out: don't shoot civilians and try
not to get arrested! Let's play Street Paintball!

Goal of the game:
Each player has a paintball team that consists of 6 team members. You have to try to hit the other players with your ball at just the right moment and see to it that you don't get hit yourself. Watch out for the police!

The player who has the most team members left at the end of the game is the winner.

What happens...
Each player chooses a colour. He places his 6 corresponding team
members in front of him on the table. Each player gets 1 deck and
places it upside down next to his team members. The 6 balls must be
put in the middle. Each ball is put exactly in front of its corresponding player. (team) The active player turns over a card from his deck.
When this happens, the players will find themselves in all kinds of situations. These situations are printed on the cards. All players
should react to it as quickly as possible. Their reactions depend on
the pictures.

Some examples

Paintball players:
If (for example) a blue paintball player is turned over,
all players may pick up their balls and throw it at the player of the blue team! The "blue player" may try to prevent this by taking away as many balls as possible.


It is only logical that passers-by don't play Street Paintball!
Unfortunately, they look a lot like paintball players.
This makes the
game pretty difficult. They even wear the same trendy glasses!
If a passer-by is turned over, the players are not allowed to react.
If a player does touch a ball, he must turn one of his team members
upside down.

There are cards in the game with a picture of two paintball players.
If this card is turned over, a duel must be fought between the two
players with the colours printed on the card. Both players pick up
their balls as quickly as possible and throw it to each other. The player
who hits his opponent first, wins the duel. The other player must turn
one of his team members upside down. If there is any doubt about
who the winner of the duel is, the other players will decide who wins.

Of course there are more cards: Weapon drop, medic, etc.

Street Paintball is an illegal game! If a card is turned over with a police chopper printed on it, players are not allowed to react! If a player
oes touch one or more balls, one of his team members will be arrested.
This card will be removed from the game and can not be restored by a medic.


Game designer: Thomas Jansen
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: Dutch, English, German
 20 x 15 x 3,5 cm
Price:  28

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