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Quest for the Princess


> fantasy & fun cardgame

> for 3 to 5 noble knights (12+) with strategic and
   diplomatic skills

> they all want to marry the princess - but the princess
    has been kidnapped by a dangerous dragon
    together they go on a journey to fight the monster,
    and each other ...

> playing time 45 -60 minutes


Five of the most noble knights in the country, all want to marry the princess. There is one problem, though. The princess has been
kidnapped by a dangerous dragon Fortunately, something good comes
out of this situation too. This is the ultimate chance for the courageous warriors to make a good impression on the princess. That is why they
go to battle to save the princess. Because only one of them can marry
the lady, the knights do everything whithin their power to make life miserable for one another. This whole spectacle is watched by a very critical royal family. The knights really work their heads off to win the sympathy of the family. They will most certainly put in a good word for them with the princess.

Goal of the game: The players are knights. The player who makes the biggest impression on the princess, can marry her and wins the game. Players collect points by fighting other knights (fighting), impressing
family members of the princess with their spectacular horse riding shows (showing), riding faster that their opponents (trotting), winning a tournament and ofcourse by saving the princess.

What happens: The players travel together. During travelling they can
hit eachother. This will earn them points. That's why some knights
will not make it till the end of the game. Pity? Well hey, one
less knight is one less opponent. The others will go on without him.
The players travel through 4 areas: Plains, forest, desert and mountains. The first one to cross one of these areas will receive a bonus.
The princess in impressed! On their way, the knights meet 3 relatives
of the princess. Some more important than others. Of course their
opinion is important to the princess. So, the knights do various tricks
on their horses to impress these royals. Spectacular horse riding,
you could say. There are 2 towns in this medieval country.
They each organise a medieval tournament in which players can
challenge eachother. The winner gets a good playing card from the
loser. Some of these cards are crucial for defeating the dragon on your own... In the end, the knights meet the dragon. The player who's
riding in front gets to go first. Will he manage it on his own or does
he need help?

The player characters in the game:
Sir Thanks-a-lot. This well mannered knight is also a bit dreamy and sometimes looses his head a little. However, don't be a punk and mess
with him, unless you feel very lucky indeed! The relationship of this prince with people who annoy him is generally long distance and short lived.
Sir Chop-a-lot. An early fan of loud music. This prince likes his
equipment good and sharply priced. It's all Euro-chopper. His armour
is always neat and shiny: This prince does his own ironing.
Sir Robin Rudes prince of Dudes, also known as "the other Robin".
Sir William Wimpy. Sir William works out a lot and makes up for his
speed in combat by having a less speedy brain.
The Dirty Duke of Dastardshire. The duke makes his opponents
surrender with his beautiful smile. Or is it his bad breath?


Gamedesigner: Thomas Jansen
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: Dutch, English, German
 9,5 x 16 x 5 cm.
Price:  18

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