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> strategic fun gamel

> about the fight between Gnorfs and Pnorfs on Znorf

> for 2 players (12+)

> game time 45 minutes


UWO's (unidentified walking objects) are residents of the planet Znorf. There are two kinds of UWO; The Gnorfs and the Pnorfs. Both of them are able to morf. But that is something that will be explained later on. The Gnorfs think that the Pnorfs are a group of ugly creatures and that feeling is completely mutual. All the more reason for them to start a war! 

Product Information

Game designer: Thomas Jansen
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: English, Dutch, German              
 9 x 6 x 3,5 cm.
Price:  9

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Links:  http://www.elveneargames.nl/index_en.htm 


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