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> fun & tactics card game

> for 2 players (12+)

> manage your own tavern

> game time: 45 minuten


Each player is the owner of a tavern. They try to attract customers.
They collect points by serving their guests drinks and keeping them in
their tavern as long as they can. The player who has collected most
points after two rounds (day and night) is the winner of the game.

Dwarfs, elves, orcs and other strange beings visit your tavern.
Try to serve them enough drinks and keep the good atmoshere. Unfortunately, you can't control everything. Some times customers
drink to much and get drunk. Then, a tavern fight is inevitable.
Play it smart. Try to send bad customers to your opponent's tavern,
others will leave.
At night the crowd gets worse. Trolls, goblins and maybe even a
dragon will visit your pub. When the night is over, we'll see who is
the best tavern owner!

Product Information

Game designer: Thomas Jansen
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: Dutch, English, German 
 10 x 16 x 3 cm.
Price:  18

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