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Spank the Monkey


> fast-paced, humoristic card game with sneaky

> for 3-6 players (10+)

> game time: 15 - 45 minutes


Spank the Monkey is a card game in wich players are workers on a pile of garbage. One day their hard, monotonous work get´s disrupted because a monkey climbed on a pile of garbage and he is making a mess. The boss is furious and has promised a day off and all the deposit bottles of the day to whom gets the monkey as first. As this is of course a super price, everyone get´s the present garbage (rollercoasters, submarines, ufo´s etc.) and built´s there own pile to climb on to get the monkey down and tries to demolish the pile ot the other players.

Combo pack: Spank the Monkey + Monkey Business.

Product Information

Game designer: Peter Hansson
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: English, German
 11,5 x 9 x 2 cm.
Price: € 15 - Spank + Business € 25.



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