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Monkey - Business


> expansion for Spank the Monkey

> for 3-6 players (10+)

> game time: 15 - 45 minutes


What do you do when a pestering primate is wrecking havoc at the junkyard where you work? The obvious, of course: throw money at the problem!

With the Monkey Business expansion, Spank the Monkey enters the glamorous world of champagne-filled hot tubs and gold-plated supermodels. Sure, it's still just a junkyard, but it's a blinged-out junkyard filled with the spoils of the rich and famous. And with the introduction of the green stuff comes a whole range of new, exciting possibilities. Spend to succeed in your actions, and use your wad of cash to buy yourself out of trouble. But, as always, be the first to Spank the Monkey.

Each player starts with one coin. During the game players will be able to earn more coins and use their coins in various ways.

There are essentially three ways that you can spend your coins. First of all there are cards that you have to pay for when playing them such as Insurance Policy and Sexy Monkey Outfit. Secondly, there are Junk cards and Reinforcement cards that require you to pay an upkeep each turn if you want to keep them in your tower. Finally, you can buy extra cards in addition to the ones you draw as normal. The first card you buy during a turn costs 1 coin, the second 2 coins, the third 3 coins, etc.

To be able to spend coins, you also have to earn coins. Luckily, some Junk cards such as the Oil Tower and the Bank Note Printing Press give you an income each turn as long as they are in your tower. You can also sell Junk cards from your hand. You may sell one Junk card each turn. A Junk card is worth its Strength in coins.

Combo pack: Spank the Monkey + Monkey Business.

Product information

Game designer: Peter Hansson
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: English, German
 11,5 x 9 x 2 cm
Price:  16



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