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> smart, abstract board game for 2 players

> different insects (spiders, beetles, ants and
   grashoppers) try to surround the queen bee
   of the opponent

> game time: 1-30 minutes / 8+

> beautiful synthetic pieces in a handy bag to take
   with you where ever you go


Hive is an addictive game for 2 players. Both players play with 11 pieces (black and ivory) with different insects. The game is being played
without a board and starts as soon as the first ivory piece is placed.
It is not allowed to break the connextion of the pieces in a way that ´islands´are being created.
The players can choose every turn if they want to place a new piece
(a new insect) or if they want to move a piece wich already was in the game. The object of the game is to surround the queenbee of the opponent (without your own queenbee being surrounded). 
The player who succeeds in that wins immediately.

Movement:The queenbee moves one step. The spider always has to
move 3 steps, no more, no less. The grashopper jumps in a straight row over the other pieces to the next available spot. The beetle can do 2 things: move one step like the queenbee or climb on top of another
piece (one step at a time). There can be a situation all beetjes are
on top of eachother. The ant can move infinetely.

Hive is a game with easy rules but with great strategic and tactic depth. That´s why Hive is as well loved by people who play more abstract boardgames (such as chess and go) as by people who don´t.
Hive has been awarded internationally several times.
The mosquito is an expansion that gives Hive an extra dimension.
You can also play the game online:

Product information

Game designer: John Yianni
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: Dutch (French, English, German)
 21 x 21 x 6 cm
Price: € 25

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