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Army of Frogs


> strategic/tactical game for 2 - 4 players

> players place and move frogs and try to connect the frogs     from their own color

> game time: 15-45 minutes / 7+

> beautiful synthetic pieces in a handy bag to take with
   you where ever you go


Army of Frogs is a game for 2 to 4 players in wich you place frogs
and let them jump to get at least 7 connected. However if you have
more frogs of your own color in the game, you have to connect them all. The player who succeeds in that as first, wins.
You can bother your opponent by chaining his frogs so that they
cannot move or by placing frogs of his color into the game so your opponent has to connect more frogs.

Army of Frogs (like Hive) needs no board, the pieces are the board.
Each player chooses a color and get´s blind 2 frogs from the (closed-in) bag. In your turn you first place a frog, then move a frog of your own colour and finally get a new frog from the bag for your next turn.
you can move your frog infinetely but always in a straight row and
at least over 1 other frog.

Army of Frogs is a great game with easy rules but a lot of strategic and tactical possibilities. And with Army of Frogs you can have fun by
irritating your opponent(s), alone or by teaming up

Product Information

Game designer: John Yianni
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: English
 20 x 20 x 8 cm
Price: € 30

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