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Lords of Creation


> strategic board game

> for 2 - 5 players (12+)

> about the development of the world and the battle
    between barbarism and civilisation

> game time: 90 -120 minutes


The players are gods who create a new world with humans on it.
They try to get as many followers as they can to conquer land and
to built altars for which both give victorypoints. The humans start as barbarians but can develop to civilized humans, wich give more points,
but then they are not able to fight anymore. The player who has the
most points after a couple of rounds is the winner.

Lords of Creation is a wargame which allows you to make your own
strategy but doesn´t take ages. Diplomacy skills are a pro.

Product Information

Game designer: Martin Wallace
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: English, German 
22 x 31 x 5 cm
Price: € 35

Links:  www.spelmagazijn.nl/nl/spelmag/lords.html


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