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> educational game for 1-4 players

> focus on mathematical skills

> different levels (3+/9+),  also challenging for adults

> game time: 45 minutes


Katoiz is a game of colours and shapes with which piles of tiles can be formed which have corresponding elements (in colour or depicted shape). Most of all, Katoiz is a game of strategy, which draws upon mathematical skills in every stage. Starting with distinction of different elements and identifying similarities, Katoiz offers a nice introduction in the basic elements of mathematics.

The game challenges children in later development stages, though, to come up with sophisticated strategies to form their own piles and frustrate their opponents at the same time. Katoiz is a versatile game with different levels of learning, which all draw upon the mathematic skills of children.

The educational games by Vendetta can already be played at a young age, but stay challenging and fun to play with for older children and their parents. The games have an educative character. The games draw upon the development of different skills of children in age groups 3-9 years and older. Specific examples are the linguistic skills, spatial insight, sorting, counting and comparing. The different playing possibilities harboured in each game, ensures the right challenge fit for each of the age groups. Thus they guarantee years of gaming pleasure! 

Product Information

Game designer: Sabine Opstelten
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: Dutch, English, German
 25 x 25 x 4,5 cm.
Other games by Sabine Opstelten:  Coco Colecto , Het Piratenspel


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