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   (Test game!)


> exciting card game for 3-6 players

> vote for the new pope

> strategic, tactical & diplomatic skills needed

> playing time 45/60 minutes (12 +)

> first, numbered edition (only 250 copies available)


The old pope is dead. A new pope is being elected.
The Sixtinian Chapel is only open for you. Who will be the new Pope?

You represent one of the factions within the Vatican and your goal
is to become the most powerful!

During  a conclave you know each player has to vote for a cardinal,
but how will they vote? And how can you convince them how to vote?
Who is your friend, who is your foe? Draw your own plan, see what
the others are up to, but most importantly, vote tactically and
become the most powerful faction within the Vatican.

Product Information

Gamedesigner: Pieter Boots
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: Dutch, English
 20 x 15 x 3,5 cm
Price:  25


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