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Chaos Arena


> fantasy board game for 2 players

> 2 wizards fighting a duel in the Chaos Arena

> game time: 60 minutes / 12+

> artistic design


Five thousand feet in the air, above the land of Zog, hangs Chaos
Arena, a land in wich wizards can fight their battles. Chaos Arena
was made ages ago by the most powerfull wizards who surivided the
great war of wizards. From that moment on wizard could only fight there and not anymore on earth, as the earth suffered to much of the fights
of the wizards.

2 wizards are having a fight now; the tall 'seventh level master of white lore and high wizard of bulldroppe' and the shorter 'vile brother of the infernal darkness and master of the forbidden arts, the evil warlock of
Njga-njga swamp'. One wizards insulted the mother of the other.

Chaos Arena is a tacticalboardgame for 2 players. Helped by a few slaves, mercenars and other riff-raff, the 2 wizards want to defeat eachother in the floating arena. Only 1 of them shall leave the arena alive.
The object of the game is to defeat the other wizard by using magic,
sword and other prank.

The game is easy to play, and has a lot of humor in it. The playing
cards (as well as the book of rules) are filled with irony and parody.
For example: the Good Scouts look like Hobbits, the Good Mage has subsriptions like  "I wield the flame of Udun" and "Fly, you fools",
and the Good Archer looks like Oliver Sa Tyr from Faun. The Item and Karma cards (both Chaos Cards) give a kind of Munchkin feeling but
with a Magical Nose Picker and more prank. The most fun of the game
is the 'chaos factor', wich supplies surprises the whole game,
good or bad.

Product Information

Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: English 
 22 x 31 x 5 cm.


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