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Catch me if you can
   (Test game!)


> smart game for 2 players

> the hunter against the hare

> who will catch who ?

> playing time 10/30 minutes (8 +)

> first, numbered edition (only 50 copies available)


Both players play with 7 pieces (hunter or hare) numbered 1 - 7.
The board (lawn) consists of 7 by 9 fields.  The players place the
hunters and the hares on the start line at both sides of the lawn
(the other player can not see which piece which number has,
compare it with Stratego).

The intentions of the game is to win the pieces of eachother.
In your turn you move one of your pieces horizontal, vertical or
diagonal, but no more fields then the number on the piece.
If two of your pieces wit a succesive number include a piece of the oponent, you may take it.

A simple but very strategic game!  

Product Information

Gamedesigner: Lieven d'Hondt
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: Dutch, English
 20 x 15 x 3,5 cm
Price: € 25


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