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> abstract, strategic game for 2 players

> create a line of 5 counters

> game time: 5-20 minutes  (8+)


An abstract 2-player game in which the objective is to create a line of 5 counters . The twist here is that the counters are placed in a series of 5 boards of differing size that are formed to make a pyramid, hence the
name ‘Quinamid’.

The rules are simple, with any one of 3 options available to the player :
a) Place a counter in a vacant space
b) Rotate a board (including those boards ‘above’ it) through 90 degrees
c) Move a board (including those boards ‘above’ it) one ‘position’ in any orthogonal direction.

An important rule is that the subsequent player is NOT allowed to reverse the move of the preceding player.
Players take it in turns to make their move until one of them reveals a
line of 5 counters, this being in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction.

As players use option c) above they will ‘cover’ boards below, thereby hiding the contents. It follows therefore that there is a bit of memory required to recall what was under the various boards if you are to use it
to your advantage.

A game is often completed in 2 or 3 minutes so replay value is high. It is often better to play a ‘best of 5’ series to employ different strategies, so that would take around 15 minutes.

The game should appeal to players aged 8-80. It could be played whilst waiting for a meal to be prepared or as a post-prandial diversion with
other players spectating and giving out ‘advice’ ! Easy until they themselves have a go !!

Components are sturdy, with the counters and boards being made of
good quality wood, and the package comes in a nice wooden presentation box of dimensions 7” x 7”, making it portable and suitable to be played on the train, the beach or at picnics.


Product information

Game designer: Antony Brown
Publisher: Vendetta
Rules: English, German (
 21 x 21 x 7 cm
Price: € 24




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